Thanjavur, India

مدن شعبية في India

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INR 1,400.00 مجال لليلة الواحدة


The property is awe inspiring with unique ambiance, as well as sophisticated and elegant surroundings. Their distinctive nature and the unified commitment of our professional service pupils make our brand stand apart in the competition of the hospitality

Hotel Victoriyah - احصل على أسعار فنادق منخفضة وتحقق من توافرها Thanjavur, فنادق رخيصة 2 الصور


INR 4,500.00 مجال لليلة الواحدة


A city soaked in beautiful South Indian traditions, something you will find reflected at Sangam Hotel.

Sangam Hotels - احصل على أسعار فنادق منخفضة وتحقق من توافرها Thanjavur 13 الصور


INR 450.00 مجال لليلة الواحدة


On thanjavur-trichy highway. Good atmosphere, good air, good water. Pleasent to stay